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Duo2 VFD Controller Update
Writer Administrator Date 2013-07-23 00:00:00 Hits 26028
Since VFD in Duo2(Serial NO. : D06227XXXXX, D06326XXXXX)

has interference with IR sensor, VFD controller needs to be updated.

To update VFD controller, first install the latest image on

By "Firmware Upgrade" plugin, you can upgrade VFD controller.

If you don't have internet connection in your Duo2, first download(Save Link As) duo2.bin.vfd and duo2.bin.vfd.md5.

Transfer those two files to the box. Or insert USB memory containing files to the box.

And follow the procedure on

HowTo Offline Update.

If you can connect internet in your Duo2, refer to

HowTO Online Update.

NOTE) This update is optional. If you have no problem in remote control, update is not necessary.