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How to update Vu+ Solo CFE
Writer Administrator Date 2012-01-23 00:00:00 Hits 30439

To avoid large size(>48M) image update problem, please update CFE of your Solo.

** NOTE ** : This Bootloader(CFE) should be used for Solo only. Otherwise it will crash the box.

** NOTE ** : CFE update is not needed for Uno and Ultimo.

** Brief explanation of Solo's bootloader update **

1. Unzip the to USB stick.(There should be /vuplus/solo/cfe_cfe_auto.bin)

2. Insert USB stick into the USB port of solo and power on the box.

3. It takes just a few secs to update.

4. If solo's front led blinks continuously, restart box.

5. To proceed with image update, you should delete the cfe_cfe_auto.bin at /vuplus/solo in USB stick once bootloader update is finished.

Download Link: Solo CFE File